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Juvenile Justice: A Social, Historical, and Legal Perspective, Third Edition

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Juvenile Justice: A Social, Historical, and Legal Perspective, Third Edition

This Third edition offers readers a clear and comprehensive look at esactly what the juvenile justice system is and how it works.

By Preston Elrod,

R. Scott Ryder,

ISBN: 9780763762513

Retail price: $134.95   $99.95


The juvenile justice system is a multifaceted entity that continually changes under the influence of decisions, policies, and laws. The all new Third Edition of Juvenile Justice: A Social, Historical, and Legal Perspective, offers readers a clear and comprehensive look at exactly what it is and how it works. Reader friendly and up-to-date, this text unravels the complexities of the juvenile justice system by exploring the history, theory, and components of the juvenile justice process and how they relate.

Key Features

  • Provides current research on juvenile justice operations and effectiveness, including the most recent data available on juvenile arrest trends.
  • Covers a wide range of topics including the relationship between social context, delinquency, and juvenile justice, efforts to deal with violent offenders, and practical and ethical issues faced by practitioners.
  • Offers a Comparative Focus, allowing readers to understand specific practices in the U.S. compared to other countries such as Japan and New Zealand.
  • Accomplished authors have over 40 years combined experience working in the juvenile justice system and teaching related courses.

Features & Benefits

Features chapter-by-chapter:

- Outline
- Objectives
- Sumary
- Key Concepts
- Review Questions
- Additional Readings

Important terms and definitions are included in the margins to help students build their juvenile justice vocabulary.

Contains "Myths and Realities" boxes designed to clarify a number of common myths about juvenile justice practices and properly inform readers about important issues.


Chapter 1 The Context of Juvenile Justice: Defining Basic Concepts and Examining Public Perceptions of Juvenile Crime
Chapter 2 Measuring the Extent of Juvenile Delinquency
Chapter 3 Theory and research: The Social Context of Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice
Chapter 4 Early Juvenile Justice: Before the Juvenile Court
Chapter 5 The Development of the Juvenile Court
Chapter 6 Public and Police Responses to Juvenile Offenders
Chapter 7 Juvenile Diversion
Chapter 8 Preadjudication Processes in Juvenile Justice
Chapter 9 The Transfer of Juveniles to Criminal Court
Chapter 10 The Contemporary Juvenile Court
Chapter 11 Community-Based corrections Programs for Juvenile Offenders
Chapter 12 Institutional Corrections Programs for Juvenile Offenders
Chapter 13 The Status Offender in Juvenile Justice
Chapter 14 Juvenile Justice and the Serious, Chronic, or Violent Juvenile Offender
Chapter 15 Present Conditions and Future Directions in Juvenile Justice
Chapter 16 Working in Juvenile Justice

Published: 2011


Pages: 523