Gangs are on the rise again.” This portent of trouble comes from the FBI’S expert on gangs, Linda Schmidt. Today, there are over 30,000 gangs across America and over 800,000 gang members. Gangs are savvy and scarier than ever. Their firepower, military background and lack of restraint have made some city centers too dangerous to patrol. As gang power grows, knowledge is the best antidote and the best inducement to corrective actions. The interviews, street wisdom and advice that are used throughout this book show its heavy dose of reality. Specialist Linda Schmidt goes deep into gang territory without a badge or gun. She uses a lethal mix of wily street smarts, courage, and determination. She possesses the secret weapons of confidence and caring, and the unnerving manner and moral compass of a grandmother. There are very few in law enforcement who have gotten so far beneath the surface of gang life. Linda can look at a wall of graffiti and read the hieroglyphics that predict an impending murder. She has leaned over unidentified corpses on the cold steel of the coroner's table and told their life story by interpreting the codes of their tattoos. Linda's book is a crucial primer for anyone who needs to learn the customs and codes of the gang world. She brings you systematically through the anthropology, psychology and pathology of the gang culture. This book is not an ideology approach but rather a practical book with a set of steps to follow. It provides specific advice and ideas for actions. Interviews, photos, experiences and case studies are included to make the book much more user-friendly to prosecutors, police and corrections officials. One of the goals of this book is to provide all law enforcement (local, state, and federal) with a method for working together to get the best results when dealing with gang cases. It will make law enforcers sit up and take notice. This book will get real results in a short time if it's carefully explained advice is heeded.