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Fingerprint Access Gun/Valuables Safe

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Fingerprint Access Gun/Valuables Safe

Spring loaded top 'pops' open instantly after fingerprint scan!


Our price: $399.95


Spring loaded top 'pops' open instantly after fingerprint scan!
SafetyVault is the ultimate solution for access control. Provides safe storage and easily controlled access for handguns, weapons, ammunition, jewelry and other valuable items including: pharmaceuticals, coins, stamps, stocks, bonds, critical data and personal documents.

SafetyVault uses proprietary fingerprint technology to verify identification and permit access. SafetyVault  is easily programmable and can store up to 50 authorized fingerprints in its flash memory. Only you decide who gains access, SafetyVaults patent-pending technology is the culmination of over 20 years of biometric development. Requires no external computer or power to function, no key or card to provide override.

The SafetyVault power management system allows 3 common household D-cell batteries to last up to one year under normal use. An auxiliary AC/DC adapter conveniently plugs into an electrical outlet to provide an alternate source of power. Flash memory retains fingerprint data even during complete battery or electrical failure.


Access control at the touch of a finger
Store up to 50 authorized fingerprints
Fingerprint recognition takes less than a second
Full digital LCD display user interface
Constructed of heavy-duty materials
Soft spring-loaded doors feature low profile access
NRA official Biometric gun safety device
Endorsed by NRA firearms safety instruction program
Dimensions: 12.5 Wide, 17.75  Long and 6 Deep