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By Paul Purcell,

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DISASTER PREP 101 by Paul Purcell We are living in an increasingly dangerous world. You already know that or you wouldn’t be a Protection Professional. Crime is on the increase, workplace violence is more prevalent, and terror attacks are in the news every day. You’ve also noticed both man-made and natural disasters are seemingly more common than ever. You’re already an expert on direct threats. You do your advance work, you set teams in place for security, and you and they can protect your client against an aggressive attack. But what about all that “other stuff?” We have a wide variety of threats that can and will hit us from any direction, at any time, without warning, and we have to be ready to react and adapt at a moment’s notice. Think about the following. What would you do? How would you react? • You’re with your client and their family vacationing on a beach. The local storm alarm is sounded. What do you do? Where do you go? • During a corporate board meeting, the building starts shaking and you know it’s an earthquake. What instruction do you give to the people in the room? Or, knowing you’re in an earthquake area, what drills did you conduct beforehand? • In the middle of an out-of-town trip with a client, you get word that a tornado has hit your home area. How safe is the family you left at home? How well did you prepare them for safety in your absence? • How do you provide the same level of disaster preparedness for your client’s family and home that you do for your own? • How is your oven useful in a wildfire? Or how is your dryer helpful in a tornado? Your washer in a hurricane? Or your microwave in an EMP attack? To answer to these and a few thousand other questions, PI BOOKSTORE announces the addition of, “Disaster Prep 101.” This is the manual used to train Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, and other Crisis Responders around the country. Written for people who have to leave their family at home in times of crisis. This manual is the perfect addition to the Protection Professional’s library. More than just a book, this is a complete training package. The main text is over 500 pages of original material dedicated to realistic, comprehensive family safety. Included in this is over 70 pages of family information forms and worksheets, and a 2-DVD library of over 1,500 additional books and training manuals (giving you a complete preparedness library). This is a “must have” additional to your toolbox of resource materials!