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Criminal Investigation, Fourth Edition

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Criminal Investigation, Fourth Edition

This revised and updated 4th Edition integrates criminal investigation with forensic science and legal foundations.

By Ronald Becker,

Aric Dutelle,

ISBN: 9781449650544

Retail price: $123.95   $110.95


Designed for Criminal Investigation courses, this thoroughly revised and updated Fourth Edition integrates criminal investigation with forensic science and legal foundations. It provides an in-depth look at the investigative process as well as the ethical considerations that apply. Discussions on investigative procedures, detailed figures, and real-life examples enhance the reader’s understanding and demonstrate how to effectively apply the techniques and tools presented. This ideal resource covers all aspects of criminal investigation pertaining to all types of crimes, not simply homicide. It contains chapters on assault, aggravated assault, sexual assault, robbery, theft, burglary, arson, terrorism, cybercrime, and more. The integrated and accessible approach of the Fourth Edition will provide the reader with a solid foundation in criminal investigation techniques and procedures, as well as the applicable forensic and constitutional considerations.

Every new printed copy is packaged with full student access to the companion website featuring a variety of interactive study tools.




Chapter 1 Introduction to Criminal Investigation
Chapter 2 The Crime Scene
Chapter 3 The Law of Search and Seizure
Chapter 4 Blood Evidence
Chapter 5 Suspect Identification
Chapter 6 Managing Criminal Investigations and Cultivating Sources of Information
Chapter 7 Interrogation
Chapter 8 Firearms Investigation
Chapter 9 Death Investigation
Chapter 10 Assault
Chapter 11 Robbery
Chapter 12 Theft and Burglary
Chapter 13 Drug Offenses
Chapter 14 Arson and explosives investigation
Chapter 15 Terrorism and Organized Crime
Chapter 16 Computer and White Collar Crime Investigation
Chapter 17 Defense Lawyers, Prosecutors, and Investigators
Chapter 18 Expert Testimony
Published:  2013
Pages:  576