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CD and DVD Forensics

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CD and DVD Forensics

This book will take the reader through all facets of handling, examining, and processing CD and DVD evidence for computer forensics.

By Paul Crowley,

ISBN: 9781597491280

Retail price: $51.95   $42.95


CD and DVD Forensics will take the reader through all facets of handling, examining, and processing CD and DVD evidence for computer forensics. At a time where data forensics is becoming a major part of law enforcement and prosecution in the public sector, and corporate and system security in the private sector, the interest in this subject has just begun to blossom. CD and DVD Forensics is a how to book that will give the reader tools to be able to open CDs and DVDs in an effort to identify evidence of a crime. These tools can be applied in both the public and private sectors. Armed with this information, law enforcement, corporate security, and private investigators will be able to be more effective in their evidence related tasks. To accomplish this the book is divided into four basic parts: (a) CD and DVD physics dealing with the history, construction and technology of CD and DVD media, (b) file systems present on CDs and DVDs and how these are different from that which is found on hard disks, floppy disks and other media, (c) considerations for handling CD and DVD evidence to both recover the maximum amount of information present on a disc and to do so without destroying or altering the disc in any way, and (d) using the InfinaDyne product CD/DVD Inspector to examine discs in detail and collect evidence.

Readers who would be interested in CD and DVD Forensics cover a wide range of experience levels. Some will be experienced computer forensics examiners who are looking to add tools to their arsenals. Others may include individuals who can vary from law enforcement to other government workers, and then in to the private sector to include those involved in corporate security and private investigators. These readers will be involved in such projects as criminal prosecution for a wide variety of crimes spanning such topics as child pornography, embezzlement, and anything else where the records could be kept on a CD or DVD.

Introduction An explanation of the conventions used in the book. Chapter 1: Physical Characteristics of CD and DVD Media This chapter will take the reader through the way CD and DVD media are constructed and how they work. Chapter 2: CD and DVD Logical Structure This chapter explains the file structure of CD and DVD media. Chapter 3: Collecting CD and DVD Evidence This chapter goes through the process of procuring media that will then later be examined in search of evidence. Chapter 4: Preparing for Disc Evaluation This chapter explains the proper set-up for the examiner's workstation. There is also discussion of the steps needed to get ready to actually begin the work of examination of CD and DVD media. Chapter 5: CD/DVD Inspector – The Basics This chapter explores the most basic levels of the use of the CD/DVD Inspector software. Chapter 6: Advanced Tasks with CD/DVD Inspector This chapter guides the examiner in more difficult tasks which can be accomplished with CD/DVD Inspector software. Chapter 7: Reporting Your Findings This chapter explores the reporting features of CD/DVD Inspector software. Chapter 8: Things to Keep in Mind A list of important key points in the computer forensics process in order to effectively examine CD and DVD media. Chapter 9: Disc Swap Drive Modifications This chapter takes the reader step-by-step through the modification process that is needed to a CD or DVD reader to be able to properly use the CD/DVD Inspector software.

Paperback, 320 pages, publication date: DEC-2006