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White Collar Crime Investigation

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 A Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation, Second Edition
By Steven Skalak; Thomas Golden; Mona Clayton; Jessica Pill
ISBN: 9780470599075
This book provides forensic accounting specialists—experts in uncovering fraud—with new coverage on the latest PCAOB Auditing Standards, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and on options fraud, as well as on fraud in China and its implications. Auditors are equipped with the necessary practical aids, case examples, and skills for identifying situations that call for extended fraud detection procedures.
Retail Price: $180.00   Our Price: $160.95
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 Criminal Financial Investigations, Second Edition
By Gregory Pasco
ISBN: 9781466562622
This book provides direct instruction on the "how to" aspects of criminal financial investigations, taking readers through the different approaches used in gathering evidence and demonstrating how to present circumstantial evidence to a judge or jury in a simple and convincing manner.
Retail Price: $112.95   Our Price: $81.95
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 Expert Fraud Investigation:  A Step-By-Step Guide
By Tracy Coenen
ISBN: 9780470387962
This guide takes the professional from the point of opening an investigation, selecting a team, gathering data, and through the entire investigation process.
Retail Price: $70.00   Our Price: $59.95
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 Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting, Third Edition
By George A. Manning
ISBN: 9781439825662
FREE GROUND SHIPPING: The 3rd Edition of this book offers a complete examination of the current methods and legal considerations involved in the detection and prosecution of economic crimes.
Retail Price: $159.95   Our Price: $109.95
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 Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting, Fourth Edition
By Tommie W. Singleton; Aaron J. Singleton
ISBN: 978-0-470-56413-4
This book combines fraud examination and forensic accounting. The order in which the material is presented is easy to grasp and logically follows the "typical" fraud examination from the awareness that something is wrong to the court case.
Retail Price: $90.00   Our Price: $79.95
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 Introduction to Corporate and White-Collar Crime
By Frank DiMarino; Cliff Roberson
ISBN: 9781439851586
This book provides readers with an understanding of what white-collar crime is, how it works, and the extent to which it exists in our society. It analyzes the opportunity structures for committing white-collar crime and explores how to control it.
Retail Price: $79.95   Our Price: $58.95
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 Investigating White-Collar Crime: Embezzlement and Financial Fraud, Second Edition
By Howard E. Williams
ISBN: 9780398076498
This book examines the criminal elements unique to embezzlement and fraud that often confound investigators, whose lack of expertise in accounting and auditing makes it difficult for them to prove the offenses.
Retail Price: $52.95   Our Price: $47.95
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 Money Laundering Prevention
By Jonathan Turner
ISBN: 9780470874752
This book clearly shows business professionals how to deter, detect, and resolve financial fraud cases internally.
Retail Price: $55.00   Our Price: $48.95
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 Money Laundering: A Guide for Criminal Investigators, Third Edition
By John Madinger
ISBN: 9781439869123
FREE GROUND SHIPPING: This book explains the investigative and legislative processes that are essential in detecting and circumventing this illegal and dangerous activity.
Retail Price: $121.95   Our Price: $93.95
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 Principles of Fraud Examination, 3rd Edition
By Joseph Wells
ISBN: 9780470646298
SORRY - SOLD OUT: This 3rd edition was written to provide a broad understanding of fraud – because understanding how fraud is committed is paramount to preventing and detecting it. The text begins by providing an understanding of fraud examination methodology, then presenting the schemes used by executives, managers and employees to commit fraud against their organizations.
Retail Price: $204.95   Our Price: $89.95
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 Profit Without Honor: White Collar Crime and the Looting of America, 6th Edition
By Stephen Rosoff; Henry Pontell; Robert Tillman
ISBN: 9780133008500
This book exposes the battle between personal gain and individual integrity and provides a comprehensive overview of white-collar crime in American society.
Retail Price: $94.00   Our Price: $74.95
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 Skip Tracing Basics & Beyond: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide for Locating Hidden Assets, Second Edition
By Susan Nash
ISBN: 9781475957563
Every Chapter of this book mentions skip tracing secrets that have been put to a practical test by thousands of skip tracers nationwide.
Retail Price: $29.95   Our Price: $24.95
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 Solving Employee Theft: New Insights, New Tactics
By James W. Bassett
ISBN: 9781419654640
This easy reading book tells readers not only how to confront and solve employee theft, but also how to prevent it from occurring in the first place.
Retail Price: $15.99   Our Price: $12.99
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 Terrorist Financing, Money Laundering, and Tax Evasion
By Jayesh D'Souza
ISBN: 9781439828502
This book provides a thorough analysis of the financing phenomenon from the raising of funds to government agencies' efforts to interdict them to measuring and monitoring the outcomes of these efforts.
Retail Price: $87.95   Our Price: $62.95
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 Understanding White-Collar Crime: A Convenience Perspective
By Petter Gottschalk
ISBN: 9781498768870
This book examines not only the theories behind white-collar crime, but also explores methods used in criminal justice investigations into corporate fraud, and emphasizes the importance of corporate social responsibility in reducing crimes of this nature.
Retail Price: $149.95   Our Price: $104.95
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 White-Collar and Corporate Crime
By Gilbert Geis
ISBN: 9780131192881
This book discusses white-collar and corporate crime
Retail Price: $15.40   Our Price: $12.95
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