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Vehicular Accidents

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 Accident Reconstruction Science, 4th Edition
By Alan Watts
ISBN: 9781936360031
This 4th edition examines the science of reconstructing and analyzing an automobile accident, using text readily understood by any reader with a basic understanding of accident reconstruction.
Retail Price: $99.00   Our Price: $65.95
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 Automobile Accident Checklist, 2nd Edition
By Jon R. Abele
ISBN: 9780913875124
This checklist streamlines and organizes all of the information youneed to represent your injured client in an auto accident case.
Retail Price: $29.00   Our Price: $21.95
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 Bus and Recreational Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Litigation
By Paul F. Hill; Roy Scott Hickman
ISBN: 9780913875766
A source book of information to guide you through building and reconstructing accidents involving school buses, motor coaches or recreational vehicles.
Retail Price: $29.00   Our Price: $23.25
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 Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Investigation
By Rick W. Varner; Roy F. Sutphen
ISBN: 9781930056473
This reference will identify the proper techniques you should use in order to correctly assess a commercial vehicle accident scene.
Retail Price: $109.00   Our Price: $79.00
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 Emergency Vehicle Accidents: Prevention, Reconstructon and Survey of State Law, Second Edition
By Stephen Solomon; Pul Hill
ISBN: 9781930056466
This book covers a variety of situations that cause emergency vehicle accidents.
Retail Price: $49.00   Our Price: $39.95
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 Equations and Formulas for the Traffic Accident Investigator and Reconstructionist, Second Edition
By C. Gregory Russell
ISBN: 9780913875698
This unique resource is designed to provide, in an easy to use format, the majority of the equations needed for accident reconstruction and investigation.
Retail Price: $49.00   Our Price: $39.00
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 Evidence in Traffic Crash Investigation and Reconstruction
By R.W. Rivers
ISBN: 9780398076450
This book begins with a detailed description of the entire investigation process. The material then graduates into the various phases and levels of investigations, showing the levels of training and education normally associated with the levels of investigations and consequently the duties and responsibilities of the investigator and reconstructionist.
Retail Price: $56.95   Our Price: $51.00
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 Forensic Medical Investigation of Motor Vehicle Incidents
By Michael P. Burke
ISBN: 9780849378591
FREE GROUND SHIPPING: This book provides an in-depth study of the circumstances underlying motor vehicle incidents and allows for a reasoned analysis of a crash victim's injuries.
Retail Price: $125.95   Our Price: $93.95
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 Investigation of Road Traffic Fatalities: An Atlas
By Jay Dix; Michael Graham; Randy Hanzlick
ISBN: 9780849323683
This book covers the issues that face medical examiners and coroners in determining the nature and extent of RTF injuries as well as the cause, manner, and circumstances of death.
Retail Price: $65.95   Our Price: $52.95
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 Low-Speed Automobile Accidents:  Investigation and Documentation, Second Edition
By Peter Rast; Robert E. Stearns
ISBN: 9781930056626
In this book, you will learn to take timely photographs properly and interpret those photographs for revealing clues. You will learn how to conduct effective interviews, get the information you need, and detect when someone is being untruthful or evasive. You will know how biomechanics and occupant kinematics affect your case.
Retail Price: $45.00   Our Price: $36.00
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 Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction and Litigation, Fourth Edition
By Kenneth S. Obenski; Paul F. Hill; Eric S. Shapiro; Jack C. Debes
ISBN: 9781933264325
The legal aspects of motorcycle use are thoroughly covered, including helmet laws, negligence, laws governing accidents, accidents on public and private property, trespassing, warnings, roadway defects, motorcycle defects, injury to passengers, and Dram Shop liability in DUI cases.
Retail Price: $109.00   Our Price: $74.95
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 Technical Traffic Crash Investigator's Handbook (Level 3), 3rd Edition
By R.W. Rivers
ISBN: 9780398079086
This expanded and updated third edition continues to be an important reference volume in regards to the principles and techniques involved in advanced traffic accident investigation
Retail Price: $82.95   Our Price: $77.95
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 The Pocket Traffic Accident Reconstruction Guide, Fifth Edition
By Timothy Staab;
ISBN: 9781933264561
This book is a pocket-sized booklet containing over eighty equations to compute vehicle velocity/speeds, distance, time acceleration rates and more.
Retail Price: $15.00   Our Price: $12.00
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 Vehicular Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
By Donald J. Van Kirk
ISBN: 9780849320200
This book concentrates on the development of the skills, education, and information needed for an accident investigation and reconstruction, including the necessary tools, some of the pitfalls facing the investigator/reconstructionist and the latest advances and techniques in the field.
Retail Price: $144.95   Our Price: $98.95
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