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 A Handbook for Psychological Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations in Law Enforcement
By Cary D. Rostow
ISBN: 9780789023971
This is the first comprehensive publication focused exclusively on psychological fitness-for-duty evaluations (FFDEs) for law enforcement personnel. This handbook is ideal for professionals and for coursework designed to prepare individuals for careers as police or municipal officials, psychologists, students, behavioral science specialists, human rights advocates, and attorneys.
Retail Price: $34.95   Our Price: $27.95
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 A Proactive Law Enforcement Guide for the War on Terror
By Lou Savelli
ISBN: 9781889031989
A handy pocket reference and procedural guide to be utilized in the war on terrorism within the homeland.
Retail Price: $9.95   Our Price: $8.75
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 A Test Preparation and Seminar Guide for Effective Police Leadership, 3rd Edition
By Thomas Baker
ISBN: 9781608850211
A study guide aid to test your knowledge and understanding of the material presented in "Effective Police Leadership, 3rd Edition" and to better ensure peak performance on promotional exams.
Retail Price: $16.95   Our Price: $14.95
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 Advanced Vehicle Stop Tactics: Skills for Today’s Survival-Conscious Officer
By Michael Rayburn
ISBN: 9781889031453
Spans low to high-risk stops on a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, campers, vans, buses & motorcycles.
Retail Price: $14.95   Our Price: $13.50
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 An Introduction to American Policing
By Dennis J. Stevens
ISBN: 9780763748937
This text helps students learn good judgment and combines scholarly theory with practical police experience to equip your students with the information they need to become successful police officers.
Retail Price: $155.95   Our Price: $134.95
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 Anatomy of a Motor Vehicle Stop
By Joseph Petrocelli; Matthew Petrocelli
ISBN: 9781932777246
This book shows how to safely maximize your enforcement efforts during traffic stops while emphasizing officer safety.
Retail Price: $21.95   Our Price: $18.65
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 Community Policing and Problem Solving, 5th Edition
By Ken Peak; Ronald Glensor
ISBN: 9780132392570
This book is about policing at its most important and challenging levels–in neighborhoods and in communities across the nation and abroad. Unique in perspective, its focus is on community policing and problem solving–and the processes that are being implemented under COPPS to control and prevent crime, disorder and fear.
Retail Price: $98.40   Our Price: $79.95
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 Community Policing in America
By Jeremy M. Wilson
ISBN: 9780415953511
This book is the first comprehensive study to examine how the organizational context and structure of police organizations impact the implementation of community policing.
Retail Price: $39.95   Our Price: $31.95
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 Contemporary Issues In Law Enforcement and Policing
By Andres Millie
ISBN: 9781420072150
This book focuses on the most common issues affecting today’s officers.
Retail Price: $91.95   Our Price: $65.95
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 Crime Prevention: The Law Enforcement Officer's Practical Guide
By Richard L. Arrington
ISBN: 9780763741303
This book provides valuable information on crime prevention techniques for creating and implementing crime prevention programs and managing successful awareness campaigns, included steps for prevention of personal and business theft, property crime, fraud, and violent crime, among others.
Retail Price: $84.95   Our Price: $53.95
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 Crimes of the Internet
By Frank Schmalleger; Michael Pittaro
ISBN: 9780132318860
This book contains 31 original scholarly articles on all aspects of cybercrime—from emerging global crimes of the Internet, to criminological perspectives on cybercrime to investigating and prosecuting cybercrimes.
Retail Price: $99.00   Our Price: $96.75
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 Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach, 9th Edition
By Curt R. Bartol; Anne M. Bartol
ISBN: 9780135050507
This text approaches the understanding of delinquent and criminal behavior from a psychological perspective–with particular focus on the developmental, cognitive-behavioral aspects of offending.
Retail Price: $112.60   Our Price: $91.95
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 Criminal Investigation: The Art and the Science, 7th Edition
By Michael D. Lyman
ISBN: 9780133008517
This book clearly and thoughtfully explains the fundamentals of criminal investigation and forensic science as practiced by police investigators across the nation
Retail Price: $137.40   Our Price: $123.95
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 Domestic Violence Survival Guide
By Cliff Mariani
ISBN: 9780930137991
This publication sheds light on every dark element of this devastating crime to help aid victims and stop abusers.
Retail Price: $21.95   Our Price: $18.65
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 Dynamic Police Training
By Ann Bumbak
ISBN: 9781439815878
This book partners the experienced law enforcement officer’s "street-smart" perspective of what makes training work with a professional educator’s "book-smart" approach to writing curriculum to achieve the best results in police training programs.
Retail Price: $93.95   Our Price: $68.95
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 Effective Crime Reduction Strategies: International Perspectives
By James Albrecht; Dilip Das
ISBN: 9781420078381
This book represents a thoroughly comparative approach to the challenges police executives face in the 21st century. It explores a wide range of issues impacting how law enforcement professionals fight crime, experts from virtually all regions of the globe engage in discourse that is destined to shape future policing worldwide.
Retail Price: $129.95   Our Price: $91.95
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 Effective Police Leadership: Moving Beyond Management, 3rd Edition
By Thomas E. Baker
ISBN: 9781608850204
Whether you’re an officer aspiring to lead or a senior official interested in evaluating and enhancing your leadership effectiveness, this powerful book gives you practical, in-depth insight into the time-tested principles that empower supervisors and inspire troops.
Retail Price: $34.95   Our Price: $31.45
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 Elder Crimes, Elder Justice
By David Snyder
ISBN: 9780763728595
This book offers insights into the special considerations of the growing elderly population and teaches how to handle day-to-day interactions astutely and empathetically, resulting in a positive outcome for the law enforcement official, for the older person, and for the community.
Retail Price: $75.95   Our Price: $57.95
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 Emergency Management & Tactical Response Operations
By Thomas D. Phelan
ISBN: 9780750687126
FREE GROUND SHIPPING: The author draws upon his extensive experience to present a comprehensive curriculum to train emergency managers to be prepared for the unexpected.
Retail Price: $68.95   Our Price: $56.95
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 Enforcing Ethics: A Scenario-Based Workbook for Police and Corrections Recruits and Officers, Fourth Edition
By Debbie Goodman
ISBN: 9780135120910
This books fundamental purpose is to encourage skilled police/corrections recruits and officers to think critically and carefully about their actions, their decisions, and their values
Retail Price: $58.60   Our Price: $49.95
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