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 Investigating Missing Children Cases: A Guide for First Responders and Investigators
By Donald Sprague
ISBN: 9781439860632
This book is designed to help investigators respond quickly, expeditiously evaluate the situation, conduct an Endangerment Risk Assessment (ERA) of the child, and commence a thorough, organized investigation—starting from the moment the police are contacted.
Retail Price: $76.95   Our Price: $57.95
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 Kidnap for Ransom:  Resolving the Unthinkable
By Richard P. Wright
ISBN: 9781420080070
This is the first book to examine the kidnap for ransom phenomenon and to reveal the process from the moment of the kidnapping until the victim’s safe return.
Retail Price: $91.95   Our Price: $67.95
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 Kidnapping, 2nd Edition, An Investigator's Guide
By Diana Concannon
ISBN: 9780124080652
This book is based on a three-part analysis of 100 randomly selected kidnapping cases prosecuted in the United States that have survived Supreme Court appeal.
Retail Price: $64.95   Our Price: $43.95
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 Kidnapping:  An Investigator's Guide to Profiling
By Diana M. Concannon
ISBN: 9780123740311
This book details the results of a statistically based analysis of 100 randomly selected kidnapping cases and offers a statistically based tool that can inform investigative strategies in all types of kidnapping cases.
Retail Price: $68.95   Our Price: $43.95
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 Targeted Violence: A Statistical and Tactical Analysis of Assassinations, Contract Killings, and Kidnappings
By Glenn McGovern
ISBN: 9781439825129
Drawn from case examples of incidents from around the world, this book is the most complete resource of information on the attack methodologies, tactics used, and groups responsible for targeted killings and kidnappings.
Retail Price: $99.95   Our Price: $74.95
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