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Identity Theft

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 From Victim to Victor, Second Edition
By Mari J. Frank
ISBN: 9781892126047
This book and CD bring hope, positive solutions, and real results to the victims of identity theft who have had nowhere to turn for help until now.
Retail Price: $39.95   Our Price: $29.95
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 Identity Theft Handbook
By Martin T. Biegelman
ISBN: 9780470179994
This book's rich real-world content includes interviews with government and private sector thought leaders. As well, the costs of identity theft, future trends, and prevention guidance is discussed. For investigators, auditors, and managers.
Retail Price: $90.00   Our Price: $78.95
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 Investigating Identity Theft: A Guide for Businesses, Law Enforcement, and Victims
By Judith M Collins
ISBN: 9780471757245
This book is your practical guide for fully understanding and investigating identity theft.
Retail Price: $39.95   Our Price: $35.95
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 INVESTIGATING INFORMATION-BASED CRIMES: A Guide for Investigators on Crimes Against Persons Related to the Theft or Manipulation of Information Assets
By Ronald Mendell
ISBN: 9780398088712
This book is about investigating information based crimes, such as identity theft, social engineering, theft of personal information storage areas or repositories, and the theft of physical information assets such as papers, manuscripts, or rare books.
Retail Price: $34.95   Our Price: $32.95
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 Safeguard Your Identity:  Protect Yourself With A Personal Privacy Audit
By Mari J. Frank
ISBN: 9781892126061
This book will show you how to greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.
Retail Price: $15.95   Our Price: $12.75
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 Skip Tracing Basics & Beyond: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide for Locating Hidden Assets, Second Edition
By Susan Nash
ISBN: 9781475957563
Every Chapter of this book mentions skip tracing secrets that have been put to a practical test by thousands of skip tracers nationwide.
Retail Price: $29.95   Our Price: $24.95
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 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Recovering from Identity Theft
By Mari Frank
ISBN: 9781592579921
This book helps you understand what happened, guides you through the legal issues, and give you easy-to-follow instructions to restore your identity - and your peace of mind.
Retail Price: $16.95   Our Price: $10.95
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 The Privacy Papers: Managing Technology, Consumer, Employee and
By Rebecca Herold
ISBN: 9780849301162
This book covers all aspects of technology and legislation that enable privacy and also those that place it at risk. This how-to guide presents sample policies for employee training, awareness, and acceptable use; covers why companies must protect data and how to do it; describes the technology that makes information more private; and lists and summarizes major federal and international privacy legislation.
Retail Price: $139.95   Our Price: $99.95
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