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Homicide Investigations

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 Child  Homicide:  Parents Who Kill
By Lita Linzer Schwartz; ; Natalie K. Isser
ISBN: 9780849393662
This edition details child homicide in its many forms such as shaken baby syndrome and Munchausen-by-Proxy as well as the differing circumstances involved in infanticide and filicide. Unlike many books on the subject, it investigates the behavior of the father--deemed responsible in roughly 75 percent of these cases--whether aggressive, complicit, or merely absent, and his ultimate culpability under the law
Retail Price: $109.96   Our Price: $84.95
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 Cold Case Homicides: Practical Investigative Techniques
By Richard H. Walton
ISBN: 9780849322099
This book merges theory with practice through the use of case histories, photographs, illustrations, and checklists that convey essential, fundamental concepts while providing a strong, practical basis for the investigative process. It combines proven techniques from forensics, psychology, and criminal investigation, and focuses on technologies that may not have been available at the time of the crime.
Retail Price: $132.95   Our Price: $92.95
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 Cold Case Research Resources for Unidentified, Missing, and Cold Homicide Cases
By Silvia Pettem
ISBN: 9781439861691
This book gives investigators the tools they need to save time and money and to jump-start their cold cases, while keeping others from going cold in the future.
Retail Price: $89.95   Our Price: $68.95
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 Cold Cases: An Evaluation Model with Follow-Up Strategies for Investigators
By James Adcock; Sarah Stein
ISBN: 9781439826904
This book provides a comprehensive roadmap for digging those cold cases out of the file room and getting them resolved.
Retail Price: $99.95   Our Price: $75.95
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 Creating Cultural Monsters: Serial Murder in America
By Julie Wiest
ISBN: 9781439851548
This book explains connections between American culture and the incidence of serial murder, including reasons why most identified serial murderers are white, male Americans. It describes the omnipresence of serial murder in American media and investigates what it would take to decrease its occurrence.
Retail Price: $79.95   Our Price: $64.95
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 Death Scene Investigation Procedural Guide
By Michael Maloney
ISBN: 9781439845905
This book gives the less experienced investigator the procedures for almost any death scene imaginable while providing the seasoned investigator a ready reference for deaths occurring even under the most unusual of circumstances. It details the precise steps that need to be taken when processing and analyzing a death scene to ensure vital evidence is not lost and "red flags" are not missed.
Retail Price: $68.95   Our Price: $54.95
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 Homicide Investigation Field Guide, 1st Edition
By D'Michelle DuPre
ISBN: 9780124104037
This practical field guide contains many of the checklists necessary to guide the first responder step-by-step through procedures, tactics, and forensic techniques used in sudden death and violent death investigations.
Retail Price: $39.90   Our Price: $29.95
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 Investigation and Prevention of Officer-Involved Deaths
By Cyril Wecht; Henry Lee; D.P. van Blaricom; Mel Tucker
ISBN: 9781420063745
reviews the circumstances, relevant discussions, and critical issues for each case type wherein law enforcement officers have had to respond outside of their usual and trained experience and where the final outcome was the death of either the suspect, an innocent bystander, or the officer.
Retail Price: $87.95   Our Price: $67.95
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 No-Body Homicide Cases
By Thomas DiBiase
ISBN: 9781482260069
This book is an essential resource for all investigators and a roadmap to a conviction for prosecutors.
Retail Price: $72.95   Our Price: $55.95
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 Officer-Involved Shootings and Use of Force: Practical Investigative Techniques, Second Edition
By David E. Hatch; Randy Dickson
ISBN: 9780849387982
This book continues to provide sound and sober models, protocols, and procedures to handle the highly charged fall-out from officer involved shootings. Written by cops for cops, it is designed to address the needs of the agency, the rights of the employee, and the concerns of the public, and give law enforcement the policies and tools to properly investigate and document this high profile area.
Retail Price: $87.95   Our Price: $68.95
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 Practical Cold Case Homicide Investigations Procedural Manual
By Richard Walton
ISBN: 9781439857014
This book provides an overview of the means and methods by which previously reported and investigated - yet unresolved - homicides might be solved.
Retail Price: $50.95   Our Price: $42.95
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 Practical Homicide Investigation Checklist and  Field Guide, Second Edition
By Vernon Geberth
ISBN: 9781466591882
This book, now in its 2nd edition, provides essential checklists that provide step-by-step tactics, procedures, and forensic techniques that are mandatory in sudden and violent death inquiries.
Retail Price: $49.95   Our Price: $41.95
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 Practical Homicide Investigation, Fifth Edition
By Vernon Geberth
ISBN: 9781482235074
Now in its fifth edition, the book begins with a comprehensive discussion of homicide crime scenes and moves chronologically from initial police notification, the correct police response that follows, and the subsequent steps necessary to conduct an intelligent investigation
Retail Price: $135.95   Our Price: $94.95
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 PROBING INTO COLD CASES: A Guide for Investigators
ISBN: 978-0-398-07904-8
The fifteen keys that act as collection points for evidence are discussed in this book, including the role they play in the evolution of an investigation.
Retail Price: $47.95   Our Price: $42.95
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 Psychology of Lust Murder
By Catherine E. Purcell; Bruce A. Arrigo
ISBN: 9780123705105
This book examines the phenomenon of paraphilia (i.e., aberrant sexuality) in relationship to the crime of lust murder. It is is a must read for any person interested in the crime of erotophonophilia and those offenders responsible for its serial commission.
Retail Price: $80.95   Our Price: $56.95
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 Psychology of Serial Killer Investigations
By Robert D. Keppel; William J. Birnes
ISBN: 9780124042605
This is the first book of its kind that combines state-of-the-art psychological assessment experience with the expertise of a homicide investigator who has tracked some of this country's most notorious serial killers. The author also brings to the book hands-on best practices gleaned from the experience of other task forces.
Retail Price: $63.95   Our Price: $40.95
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 Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation: Practical and Clinical Perspectives, Second Edition
By Vernon J. Geberth
ISBN: 9781439826553
Renowned for being THE definitive source on these types of cases, this volume has been revised and expanded to provide additional case histories to emphasize the essential procedures and techniques on which to build a solid, prosecutable case.
Retail Price: $162.95   Our Price: $112.95
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 Violent Offenders: Theory, Research, Public Policy, and Practice, Second Edition
By Matt DeLisi; Peter J. Conis
ISBN: 9780763797904
This newly revised and updated Second Edition prvides a realistic view f why people commit violent crimes and how our criminal justice system, as a whole, responds to these offenders and violent acts.
Retail Price: $90.95   Our Price: $74.95
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