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Homeland Security

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 Critical Infrastructure: Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Third Edition
By Allan McDougall; Robert Radvanovsky
ISBN: 9781466503458
AVAILABLE APRIL 2013: This 3rd edition has been completely revised and updated to include weblinks and new chapters added to be more reflective of current trends, and to embrace a new "all hazards approach" to homelande security.
Retail Price: $99.95   Our Price: $75.95
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 Foundations of Psychological Profiling: Terrorism, Espionage, and Deception
By Richard Bloom
ISBN: 9781466570290
This book presents scientific theory and data on the notion of profiles, integrating essential interdisciplinary knowledge related to the practice and applications of profiling that is rarely found in books on the subject.
Retail Price: $79.95   Our Price: $59.95
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 Introduction to International Disaster Management, 2nd Edition
By Damon P. Coppola
ISBN: 9780123821744
This 2nd Edition contains updated information on disaster trends, as well as on management structures and advancements around the world.
Retail Price: $79.95   Our Price: $53.95
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 Investigative Data Mining for Security and Criminal Detection
By Jesus Mena
ISBN: 9780750676137
Readers will learn how to search public and private databases and networks to flag potential security threats and root out criminal activities even before they occur. The groundbreaking book reviews the latest data mining technologies including intelligent agents, link analysis, text mining, decision trees, self-organizing maps, machine learning, and neural networks.
Retail Price: $78.95   Our Price: $53.95
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 Maritime Security
By Michael McNicholas
ISBN: 9780123708595
This book, wirtten in clear language, provides practical, experience-based, proven knowledge in the form of a "how-to-guide" on maritime security,
Retail Price: $77.95   Our Price: $51.95
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 Nuclear Safeguards, Security, and NonProliferation: Achieving Security with Technology and Policy
By James E. Doyle
ISBN: 9780750686730
This book is a comprehensive reference that covers cutting-edge technologies used to trace, track, and safeguard nuclear material.
Retail Price: $115.00   Our Price: $69.95
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 Preventing Terrorist Suicide Attacks
By Michael Aman
ISBN: 9780763741099
This book provides essential information for law enforcement officers on techniques for recognizing potential terrorists and preventing suicide attacks. The information discussed is applicable to preventing attacks that are both domestic and international in origin. Figures and illustrations help illustrate the author's explanations.
Retail Price: $103.95   Our Price: $75.95
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 Security Manager's Guide to Disasters:   Managing Through Emergencies, Violence, and Other Workplae Threats
By Anthony D. Manley
ISBN: 9781439809068
This book examines the most significant emergencies that may confront the security manager and provides comprehensive guidance on how to prepare for a potential crisis, what to do in the event of one, and how to mitigate the effects.
Retail Price: $113.95   Our Price: $84.95
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 Terrorism And Homeland Security:  An Introduction With Applications
By Philip P. Purpura
ISBN: 9780750678438
This book provides a comprehensive overview of terrorism, public and private sector counterterrorism, and "all hazards" emergency management.
Retail Price: $65.95   Our Price: $44.95
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 Terrorism Today: The Past, The Players, The Future, 5th Edition
By Clifford E. Simonsen; Jeremy R. Spindlove
ISBN: 9780132683111
This book offers a lens into the history and status of terrorism around the world.
Retail Price: $129.60   Our Price: $114.50
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 Threat Assessment and Management Strategies: Identifying the Howlers and Hunters
By Frederick S. Calhoun; Stephen W. Weston
ISBN: 9781420087314
This book helps those who interact with questionable populations to identify problem behaviors and determine the appropriate preventative action.
Retail Price: $83.95   Our Price: $66.95
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 Transportation and Cargo Security: Threats and Solutions
By Kathleen M. Sweet
ISBN: 9780131703568
This book offers the most comprehensive security review of the varied transportation systems in the United States.
Retail Price: $103.60   Our Price: $78.95
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