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Forensic Science

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 A Hands-On Introduction to Forensic Science
By Mark Okuda; Frank Stephenson
ISBN: 9781482234909
This book approaches the topic of forensic science from a real life perspective in a way that these vital connections are encouraged and established.
Retail Price: $79.95   Our Price: $57.95
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 A Litigator's Guide to DNA: From the Laboratory to the Courtroom
By Ron C. Michaelis; Jr. Flanders; Paula H. Wulff
ISBN: 9780123740366
This publication, an excellent resource for litigators, judges, criminalists, etc, is the first book to take the complicated science of DNA and boil it down into terms that the non-scientist can understand.
Retail Price: $103.00   Our Price: $70.95
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 Alternate Data Storage Forensics
By Tyler Cohen; Amber Schroader
ISBN: 9781597491631
Learn to pull digital fingerprints from alternate data storage (ADS) devices including: iPod, Xbox, digital cameras and more from the cyber sleuths who train the Secret Service, FBI, and Department of Defense in bleeding edge digital forensics techniques.
Retail Price: $62.95   Our Price: $47.95
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 An Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis, Second Edition
By Norah Rudin; Keith Inman
ISBN: 9780849302336
FREE GROUND SHIPPING: This book translates new and established concepts into plain English so that laypeople can gain insight into how DNA analysis works, from sample collection to interpretation of results.
Retail Price: $113.95   Our Price: $87.95
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 Bloodstain Pattern Evidence
By Anita Y. Wonder
ISBN: 9780123704825
The book is accessible to all levels of investigators, regardless of academic background, and allows readers to develop a fundamental understanding of the underlying scientific principles behind bloodstain pattern evidence.
Retail Price: $115.00   Our Price: $79.95
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 Bone Histology: An Anthropological Perspective
By Christian Crowder; Sam Stout
ISBN: 9781439866917
This book provides an overview of the current state of research and potential applications in anthropology and other fields that employ a histological approach to the study of hard tissues.
Retail Price: $154.95   Our Price: $117.95
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 Computer-Aided Forensic Facial Comparison
By Martin Paul Evison; Richard W. Vorder Bruegge
ISBN: 9781439811337
FREE GROUND SHIPPING: This book is a comprehensive exploration of the scientific, technical, and statistical challenges facing researchers investigating courtroom identification from facial images.
Retail Price: $179.95   Our Price: $127.95
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 Criminal Psychology and Forensic Technology: A Collaborative Approach to Effective Profiling
By Grover Maurice Godwin
ISBN: 9780849323584
The only book on the market that shows a team approach to criminal profiling, it is a reference perfect for students interested in learning criminal profiling techniques and professionals wishing to sharpen their skills.
Retail Price: $157.95   Our Price: $109.95
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 Dental Autopsy
By William E. Silver; Richard R. Souviron
Organized in a concise but thorough format, this book offers complete procedures for performing autopsies on teeth and jaws and shows how to preserve evidence of dental interest, whether from teeth and jaws or from bite marks.
Retail Price: $146.95   Our Price: $104.95
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 Disaster Victim Identification: Experience and Practice
By Sue Black; G. Sunderland; L. Hackman; X. Mallett
ISBN: 9781420094121
The book presents a selection of key historical incidents in the UK and summarizes important aspects of the particular disaster in terms of legislative, moral, practical, or other contributions to the field of mass disaster planning, preparation, and deployment on a wider scale.
Retail Price: $139.95   Our Price: $101.95
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 Forensic Anthropology: An Intrduction
By MariaTeresa Tersigni-Tarrant; Natalie Shirley
ISBN: 9781439816462
This book incorporates standard practices in addition to cutting-edge approaches in a user-friendly format, making it an ideal introductory-level text.
Retail Price: $104.95   Our Price: $84.95
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 Forensic Art Essentials
By Lois Gibson
ISBN: 9780123708984
This book teaches artists to extract information from a witness or victim about a face they have seen, and produce an image good enough to lead detectives to the criminal being described.
Retail Price: $115.00   Our Price: $75.95
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 Forensic Botany: Principles and Applications to Criminal Casework
By Heather Miller Coyle
ISBN: 9780849315299
FREE GROUND SHIPPING: In an effort to build the scientific foundation for this promising field, this book provides definitive coverage of forensic botany with detailed applications and case examples. It familiarizes forensic scientists with the role of botanical evidence in criminal investigations and its potential value in the pursuit of justice.
Retail Price: $174.95   Our Price: $127.95
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 Forensic Criminology
By Wayne A. Petherick; Brent E. Turvey; Claire E. Ferguson
ISBN: 9780123750716
This text is intended to educate students in an applied fashion regarding the nature and extent of forensic casework that is supported by, dependent upon, and interactive with research, theory, and knowledge derived from criminology. It is also intended to act as a preliminary guide for practitioners working with and within related criminal justice professions.
Retail Price: $110.00   Our Price: $72.95
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 Forensic Dental Evidence:  An Investigator's Handbook, Second Edition
By C. Michael Bowers
ISBN: 9780123820006
FREE GROUND SHIPPING: This book provides the base for investigating, identifying and processing forensic dental evidence.
Retail Price: $108.00   Our Price: $72.95
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 Forensic Entomology:  The Utility of Arthropods in Legal Investigations, 2nd Edition
By Jason Byrd; James Castner
ISBN: 9780849392153
This book covers what to search for when recovering entomological evidence, how to handle items found at the crime scene, and how to use entomological knowledge in legal investigations.
Retail Price: $167.95   Our Price: $115.95
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 Forensic Evidence:  Science and the Criminal Law, Second Edition
By Terrence F. Kiely
ISBN: 9780849328589
One of the greatest challenges encountered by those in the forensic sciences is anticipating what the state and federal courts will - or will not - allow as valid physical evidence. The author of this book analyzes and explains the judicial system's response to the applicability of forensic science in the investigation, prosecution, and defense of criminal activity.
Retail Price: $139.95   Our Price: $100.95
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 Forensic Intelligence
By Robert Milne
ISBN: 9781439860380
This book takes the subject of forensics one step further and describes how to use the evidence recovered at crime scenes for extended analysis and the dissemination of new forensic intelligence.
Retail Price: $109.95   Our Price: $78.95
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 Forensic Investigation and Management of Mass Disasters
By Matthias Okoye; Cyril H. Wecht
ISBN: 9781933264417
The twenty-two chapters of this book cover diverse topics from forensic investigation into the cause of the disaster, to identifying and handling the deceased, to legal considerations.
Retail Price: $99.00   Our Price: $69.95
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 Forensic Investigation Handbook: An Introduction to the Collection, Preservation, Analysis and Presentation of Evidence
By Michael Karagiozis; Richard Sgaglio
ISBN: 9780398075804
This Handbook is one of the most comprehensive forensic science texts available today. It outlines the general principles of forensic science including an overview of the history of forensic science, an introduction to ballistics, crime scene investigation techniques as well as evidence gathering, processing and documentation procedures.
Retail Price: $59.95   Our Price: $53.95
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