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 Alternate Data Storage Forensics
By Tyler Cohen; Amber Schroader
ISBN: 9781597491631
Learn to pull digital fingerprints from alternate data storage (ADS) devices including: iPod, Xbox, digital cameras and more from the cyber sleuths who train the Secret Service, FBI, and Department of Defense in bleeding edge digital forensics techniques.
Retail Price: $62.95   Our Price: $47.95
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 CONTRAST:  An Investigator's Basic Reference Guide to Fingerprint Identification Concepts
By Craig A. Coppock
ISBN: 9780398077181
This guidebook illustrates the basic concepts involved in the science of fingerprints and fingerprint identification.
Retail Price: $37.95   Our Price: $33.95
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 Fingerprints and Other Ridge Skin Impressions
By Christophe Champod; Chris Lennard; Pierre Margot; Milutin Stoilovic
ISBN: 9780415271752
This practical techniques manual is an ideal text for practitioners working in the field of fingerprint detection and identification. There is also sufficient background material for legal professionals and police in need of an introduction to the critical subject of fingerprinting.
Retail Price: $146.95   Our Price: $104.95
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 Fingerprints:  Analysis and Understanding
By Mark R. Hawthorne
ISBN: 9781420068641
This book is the most fundamental, up-to-date resource available on the techniques of obtaining and analyzing latent fingerprint evidence.
Retail Price: $59.95   Our Price: $46.95
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 Forensic Fingerprints, 1st Edition
By Max Houck
ISBN: 9780128005736
This book is an excellent reference for forensic practitioner libraries and for use in casework.
Retail Price: $79.97   Our Price: $54.95
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 Fundamentals of Fingerprint Analysis
By Hillary Daluz
ISBN: 9781466597976
This book takes you from an understanding of the historical background of fingerprint evidence to seeing how it plays out in a present day courtroom.
Retail Price: $79.95   Our Price: $57.95
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 Lee and Gaensslen's Advances in Fingerprint Technology, Third Edition
By Robert Ramotowski
ISBN: 9781420088342
Reflecting new discoveries in fingerprint science, this book has been completely updated with new material and nearly double the references contained in the previous edition.
Retail Price: $136.95   Our Price: $93.95
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 The Practice of Crime Scene Investigation
By John Horswell
ISBN: 9780748406098
This book discusses a range of basic and advanced techniques such as fingerprinting, dealing with trauma victims, photofit technology, the role of the pathologist and ballistic expert, and signal processing. It also reviews specialist crime scene examinations including clandestine laboratories, drug operations, arson, and explosives.
Retail Price: $157.95   Our Price: $110.95
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 Touchless Fingerprint Biometrics
By Ruggero Labati; Vincenzo Pluri; Fabio Scotti
ISBN: 9781498707619
This book demonstrates that touchless technologies are also part of the future. A presentation of the state of the art, it introduces you to the field and its immediate future directions.
Retail Price: $149.95   Our Price: $114.95
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