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 Evidence Collection Field Guide
By Jr. Vince; William E. Sherlock
ISBN: 9780763747886
This book reviews the procedures for collecting and preserving 25 alphabetized categories of evidence in a concise, easy to locate manner. This handy reference will provide field personnel a method of verifying techniques and processes to ensure consistency and accuracy in collecting evidence for later use during forensic examination, and in prosecution.
Retail Price: $55.95   Our Price: $45.95
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 Evidence Found, 1st Edition
By David Miranda
ISBN: 9780128020661
This book is a "Before the Face" guide that examines the thought processes that can lead to not making forensic errors.
Retail Price: $59.95   Our Price: $43.95
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 Evidence:  Investigation, Rules and Trials, 1st Edition
By Benhamin Frisch
ISBN: 9781418016920
This book shows non-lawyers how evidence is gather, analyzed in terms of whether or not it is admissible, and then what happens to it at trial and on appeal.
Retail Price: $112.95   Our Price: $89.95
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 Forensic Investigation Handbook: An Introduction to the Collection, Preservation, Analysis and Presentation of Evidence
By Michael Karagiozis; Richard Sgaglio
ISBN: 9780398075804
This Handbook is one of the most comprehensive forensic science texts available today. It outlines the general principles of forensic science including an overview of the history of forensic science, an introduction to ballistics, crime scene investigation techniques as well as evidence gathering, processing and documentation procedures.
Retail Price: $59.95   Our Price: $53.95
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 Forensic Science in Healthcare:  Caring for Patients, Preserving the Evidence
By Connie Darnell
ISBN: 9781439844908
FREE GROUND SHIPPING: This book presents precise on-scene protocol designed to ensure that the actions of the response team provide the necessary care and yet maintain the integrity of the evidence for legal purposes. Following an introduction to forensics, it explains how to recognize and identify patients with forensic issues, offers guidelines on proper documentation, and provides tips on forensic photography and capturing critical images.
Retail Price: $93.95   Our Price: $74.95
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 Preserving Electronic Evidence for Trial, 1st Edition
By Ann Zeigler; Ernesto Rojas
ISBN: 9780128093351
This handbook focuses on what corporate and litigation counsel, as well as IT managers and forensic consultants need to know to communicate effectively about electronic evidence.
Retail Price: $69.95   Our Price: $47.95
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