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Drug Investigations

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 Drug Abuse Handbook, Second Edition
By Steven B. Karch
ISBN: 9780849316906
The book examines criminalistics, pathology, pharmacokinetics, neurochemistry, treatment, as well as drugs and drug testing in the workplace and in sports, and the ethical, legal, and practical issues involved
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 Drug Injury: Liability, Analysis and Prevention, Second Edition
By James T. O'Donnell
ISBN: 9780913875278
You'll want to be sure that the case you take on has merit and will prove economically sound for both you and your client. To successfully accomplish this, you need the knowledge of pharmacy and the drug manufacturing industry that the authors have carefully detailed in this book.
Retail Price: $199.00   Our Price: $134.95
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 Global Drug Enforcement:  Practical Investigative Techniques
By Gregory D. Lee
ISBN: 9780849316296
This book provides basic and advanced methods for conducting modern drug investigations. With coverage of source countries, drug identification, conspiracy investigations, clandestine laboratories, drug intelligence, and money laundering, the book includes the topics that every detective assigned to a drug investigation unit must know.
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 Medical-Legal Aspects of Abused Substances: Old & New有icit & Illicit
By Marcelline Burns; Thomas E. Page
ISBN: 9781930056831
This book contains much valuable information and is a must for anyone who regularly deals with prosecuting or defending substance abuse cases.
Retail Price: $79.00   Our Price: $54.95
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 Police Field Operations: Theory Meets Practice
By Michael Birzer; Cliff Roberson
ISBN: 9780205508280
This text covers major areas of police operations including patrol, investigations, crime mapping, police operations in culturally diverse communities, community policing, persons with physical disabilities, and juveniles, hot pursuit issues, communications, gangs, and drugs.
Retail Price: $135.40   Our Price: $121.95
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 Postmortem Toxicology of Abused Drugs
By Steven B. Karch
ISBN: 9781420054514
This book considers the role of toxicology in the investigation of homicide, suicide, accident, natural death, and overdose. It gives practical insights and case reviews on conducting toxicology tests and completing toxicology reports.
Retail Price: $99.95   Our Price: $76.95
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 Practical Drug Enforcement, Third Edition
By Michael D. Lyman
ISBN: 9780849398087
This new edition provides a thoroughly revised and updated guide to the contemporary aspects of covert criminal investigations and the management of the drug enforcement unit itself. It addresses different methods of detection, investigation, surveillance, and capture of drug traffickers as well as identifies those methods commonly employed by criminals to avoid detection.
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