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 A Litigator's Guide to DNA: From the Laboratory to the Courtroom
By Ron C. Michaelis; Jr. Flanders; Paula H. Wulff
ISBN: 9780123740366
This publication, an excellent resource for litigators, judges, criminalists, etc, is the first book to take the complicated science of DNA and boil it down into terms that the non-scientist can understand.
Retail Price: $103.00   Our Price: $70.95
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 An Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis, Second Edition
By Norah Rudin; Keith Inman
ISBN: 9780849302336
FREE GROUND SHIPPING: This book translates new and established concepts into plain English so that laypeople can gain insight into how DNA analysis works, from sample collection to interpretation of results.
Retail Price: $113.95   Our Price: $87.95
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 DNA and Property Crime Scene Investigation
By David Makin
ISBN: 9781455775538
This ground-breaking book examines the experiences of patrol officers, command staff, detectives, and chiefs as they navigate the expectations of forensic evidence in criminal cases, specifically property crimes cases.
Retail Price: $54.95   Our Price: $44.95
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 Forensic DNA Evidence Interpretation, Second Edition
By John Buckleton; Jo-Anne Bright; Duncan Taylor
ISBN: 9781482258899
This new Second Edition is the most comprehensive resource for DNA casework available today.
Retail Price: $109.95   Our Price: $84.95
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 Using Forensic DNA Evidence at Trial
By Jane Taupin
ISBN: 9781482255812
This book covers the most common DNA analysis methods used in criminal trials today.
Retail Price: $59.95   Our Price: $45.95
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