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 Fatal Violence: Case Studies and Analysis of Emerging Forms
By Ronald Holmes; Stephen Holmes
ISBN: 9781439826874
Offering a rare glimpse into the minds of predators and containing chilling details of motives and methods, this book explores gang violence, serial and mass murderers, filicide, rape, workplace violence, school shootings, and hate crimes. It also delves into the unusual and shocking practices of vampirism and cannibalism.
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 Magico-Religious Groups and Ritualistic Activities: A Guide for First Responders
By Tony M. Kail
ISBN: 9781420051865
The first book of its kind, this Guide provides a cultural bridge for emergency personnel when interacting with various magico-religious cultures. More than just a litany of artifacts, rituals, and symbols, this valuable book draws from cultural anthropology and religious studies to unearth hidden meanings and place the information in a context relevant for the first responder.
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By Tony Kail
ISBN: 9781466595453
Based on two decades of experience from one of the top consultants in the field, this book provides investigative agencies with a means of identifying symbols, rituals, artifacts, and customs endemic to various drug trafficking organizations.
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