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Criminal Justice

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 American Criminal Courts: Legal Process and Social Context
By Casey Welch; John Randolph Fuller
ISBN: 9781455725991
This book provides a complete picture of both the theory and day-to-day reality of criminal courts in the United States.
Retail Price: $99.95   Our Price: $64.95
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 Constitutional Law and Criminal Justice
By Cliff Roberson
ISBN: 9781420086102
This book examines the U.S. Constitution and its implication for criminal justice system policies and practices, clarifying principles in a concise yet comprehensive format.
Retail Price: $109.95   Our Price: $82.95
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 Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation, 8th Edition
By Patricia Van Voorhis; Emily Salisbury
ISBN: 9781455730087
This text presents foundations of correctional intervention, including overviews of the major systems of therapeutic intervention, diagnosis of mental illness, and correctional assessment and classification. Its detailed descriptions and cross-approach comparisons can help professionals better determine which of several techniques might be especially useful in their particular setting.
Retail Price: $54.95   Our Price: $39.95
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 Crime Prevention, 8th Rdition: Approaches, Practices, and Evaluations
By Steven Lab
ISBN: 9781455731374
This new 8th edition provides an up-to-date collection of the research on crime prevention.
Retail Price: $55.95   Our Price: $39.95
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 Criminal Investigation, Eighth Edition
By James N. Gilbert
ISBN: 9780135005606
This book is designed to help develop an analytical understanding of the investigative process. It uses an accessible, authoritative style to discuss basic investigative techniques, major types of property and violent crime and the history and future of the field.
Retail Price: $127.20   Our Price: $114.95
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 Criminal Investigation, Fourth Edition
By Ronald Becker; Aric Dutelle
ISBN: 9781449650544
This revised and updated 4th Edition integrates criminal investigation with forensic science and legal foundations.
Retail Price: $123.95   Our Price: $110.95
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 Criminal Investigation: The Art and the Science, 7th Edition
By Michael D. Lyman
ISBN: 9780133008517
This book clearly and thoughtfully explains the fundamentals of criminal investigation and forensic science as practiced by police investigators across the nation
Retail Price: $137.40   Our Price: $123.95
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 Criminal Justice Administration: Strategies for the 21st Century
By Clyde L. Cronkhite
ISBN: 9780763741112
This book provides a comprehensive overview of the prevailing criminal justice organizations present in law enforcement, courts, and correctional systems. Using an approach that combines theory with application, this text explores the operations, issues, and practices that administrators within criminal justice face today.
Retail Price: $169.95   Our Price: $155.00
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 Criminal Law, Procedure, and Evidence
By Walter Signorelli
ISBN: 9781439854495
This text examines the tensions produced by balancing the ideals of individual liberty embodied in the Constitution against society’s need to enforce criminal laws as a means of achieving social control, order, and safety.
Retail Price: $104.95   Our Price: $79.95
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 Criminology:  Theory, Research, and Policy, Third Edition
By Gennaro F. Vito; Jeffrey R. Maahs
ISBN: 9780763766658
This third edition demonstrates the relevancy of criminological theory in the public attempt to control crime while providing justice.
Retail Price: $178.95   Our Price: $119.95
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 DeathQuest, 4th Edition
By Robert Bohm
ISBN: 9781437734935
This 4th edition book on the death penalty engages the reader with a full account of the arguments and issues surrounding capital punishment.
Retail Price: $44.95   Our Price: $34.95
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 Exploring Criminal Justice
By Robert M. Regoli; John D. Hewitt
ISBN: 9780763742843
Hailed as the most engaging and accessible introductory text available, this book provides a clear, complete, and credible introduction to the U.S. criminal justice system. Using an easy-to-follow, attention-grabbing writing style, this text explains the overarching processes and purposes of the criminal justice system.
Retail Price: $189.95   Our Price: $130.95
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 Forensic Evidence:  Science and the Criminal Law, Second Edition
By Terrence F. Kiely
ISBN: 9780849328589
One of the greatest challenges encountered by those in the forensic sciences is anticipating what the state and federal courts will - or will not - allow as valid physical evidence. The author of this book analyzes and explains the judicial system's response to the applicability of forensic science in the investigation, prosecution, and defense of criminal activity.
Retail Price: $139.95   Our Price: $100.95
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 Forensic Victimology, 1st Edition
By Brent E. Turvey; Wayne Petherick
ISBN: 9780123740892
This book is the scientific study of victims for the purposes of addressing investigative and forensic issues.
Retail Price: $65.95   Our Price: $51.95
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 Global Trafficking in Women and Children
By Obi N.I. Ebbe; Dilip K. Das
ISBN: 9781420059434
Gathering knowledge and experience from more than 40 countries, this book clearly demonstrates the scale and spread of the problem, providing a powerful analysis of the circumstances that contribute to the abuse and victimization of women and children as well as the international policies and strategies used to combat this crime.
Retail Price: $129.95   Our Price: $97.95
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 Juvenile Delinquency: An Integrated Approach, Second Edition
By James Burfeind; Dawn Jeglum Bartusch
ISBN: 9780763758103
This text cultivates an understanding of juvenile delinquency by examining and linking key sociological and criminological theories and research.
Retail Price: $110.95   Our Price: $84.95
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 Juvenile Delinquency: Mainstream and Crosscurrents, Second Edition
By John Randolph Fuller
ISBN: 9780135042625
This book asks the reade to think about the goals and processes of the criminal justice professionals.
Retail Price: $149.80   Our Price: $129.95
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 Juvenile Justice: A Social, Historical, and Legal Perspective, Third Edition
By Preston Elrod; R. Scott Ryder
ISBN: 9780763762513
This Third edition offers readers a clear and comprehensive look at esactly what the juvenile justice system is and how it works.
Retail Price: $134.95   Our Price: $99.95
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 Meaning of Sociology, The: A Reader, 9th Edition
By Joel M. Charon; Lee Garth Vigilant
ISBN: 9780135157862
This book represents well what sociology means - a perspective on human beings that widens our understanding.
Retail Price: $53.60   Our Price: $46.95
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 Police Administration: Structures, Processes, and Behavior, Eighth Edition
By Charles Swanson; Leonard Territo; Robert Taylor
ISBN: 9780135121030
This best-selling text presents a vivid introduction to police organizations that focuses on the procedures, politics and human relations issues police supervisors and administrators must understand in order to succeed.
Retail Price: $142.20   Our Price: $123.25
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