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Criminal Investigations

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 Advanced Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Operations
By Robert Girod
ISBN: 9781482230727
This book reveals how to plan an operation, build an identity and cover story for deep cover operations, and how to detect those who have created false identities for illegal purposes.
Retail Price: $79.95   Our Price: $57.95
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 Applied Crime Analysis, 1st Edition
By Wayne Petherick
ISBN: 9780323294607
This hands-on guide takes theoretical principles and demonstrates how they can be put into practice using real case examples.
Retail Price: $59.95   Our Price: $42.95
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 Bone Histology: An Anthropological Perspective
By Christian Crowder; Sam Stout
ISBN: 9781439866917
This book provides an overview of the current state of research and potential applications in anthropology and other fields that employ a histological approach to the study of hard tissues.
Retail Price: $154.95   Our Price: $117.95
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 Corporate Crime Investigation
By Jack Bologna; Paul Shaw
ISBN: 9780750696593
Corporate Crime Investigations is a reference tool for internal auditors, in-house counsel and corporate security professionals who handle crimes, torts, and breaches of contract. The crimes involved may include employee fraud, theft, embezzlement, forgery, commercial bribery and property destruction.
Retail Price: $95.95   Our Price: $64.95
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 Crimes of the Powerful
By Dawn Rothe; David Kauzlarich
ISBN: 9781138797949
This is the first textbook to bring together and show the symbiotic relationships between the related fields of state crime, white-collar crime, corporate crime, financial crime, organized crime, and environmental crime.
Retail Price: $53.95   Our Price: $44.95
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 Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach, 9th Edition
By Curt R. Bartol; Anne M. Bartol
ISBN: 9780135050507
This text approaches the understanding of delinquent and criminal behavior from a psychological perspective–with particular focus on the developmental, cognitive-behavioral aspects of offending.
Retail Price: $112.60   Our Price: $91.95
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 Criminal Evidence, 11th Edition
By Jefferson Ingram
ISBN: 9781437735031
This book introduces the reader to the basics of collecting, preserving, and presenting evidence in a criminal court to convict the guilty and acquit the innocent.
Retail Price: $81.95   Our Price: $52.95
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 Criminal Interrogations and Confessions, Fourth Edition
By Fred E. Inbau; John E. Reid; Joseph P. Buckley; Brian C. Jayne
ISBN: 9780763747213
This edition presents the Reid Technique of interviewing and interrogation and is the standard used in the field. The Fourth Edition presents interviewing and interrogation techniques, based on actual criminal cases, which have been used successfully by thousands of criminal investigators.
Retail Price: $148.95   Our Price: $124.95
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 Criminal Investigation for the Professional Investigator
By Warren J. Sonne
ISBN: 9780849380518
This book is a single source guide that details essential techniques a trained investigator will be called upon to perform during the course of a career.
Retail Price: $81.95   Our Price: $64.95
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 Criminal Investigation, 9th Edition
By Karen Hess; Christine Hess Orthmann
ISBN: 9781435469938
This book is a practical, applied textbook that succinctly yet comprehensively covers the very latest in investigative tools and techniques as well as established investigative procedures.
Retail Price: $151.49   Our Price: $113.95
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 Criminal Investigation, Eighth Edition
By James N. Gilbert
ISBN: 9780135005606
This book is designed to help develop an analytical understanding of the investigative process. It uses an accessible, authoritative style to discuss basic investigative techniques, major types of property and violent crime and the history and future of the field.
Retail Price: $127.20   Our Price: $114.95
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 Criminal Investigation, Fourth Edition
By Ronald Becker; Aric Dutelle
ISBN: 9781449650544
This revised and updated 4th Edition integrates criminal investigation with forensic science and legal foundations.
Retail Price: $123.95   Our Price: $110.95
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 Criminal Investigation, Fourth Edition
By Michael Palmiotto
ISBN: 9781439882184
This book explores current investigative practices and the legal issues that constrain or guide them, It also discusses investigative techniques, including interviewing and interrogation, informants, surveillance, undercover operations, and report writing. The remainder of the book delves into the specific investigative protocols for individual crimes, including sex offenses, homicide, mass and serial murder, assault and robbery, property crimes, etc.
Retail Price: $87.95   Our Price: $64.95
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 Criminal Investigation:  Law and Practice, Second Edition
By Michael F. Brown
ISBN: 9780750673525
This book provides the fundamentals of the criminal investigation process, from arrival on the scene to trial procedures.
Retail Price: $75.95   Our Price: $49.95
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 Criminal Investigation: The Art and the Science, 7th Edition
By Michael D. Lyman
ISBN: 9780133008517
This book clearly and thoughtfully explains the fundamentals of criminal investigation and forensic science as practiced by police investigators across the nation
Retail Price: $137.40   Our Price: $123.95
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 Criminal Investigative Failures
By D. Kim Rossmo
ISBN: 9781420047516
This book comprehensively defines and discusses the causes and problems most common to failed investigations. More importantly, it outlines realistic strategies for avoiding investigative pitfalls.
Retail Price: $75.95   Our Price: $57.95
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 Criminal Law, Procedure, and Evidence
By Walter Signorelli
ISBN: 9781439854495
This text examines the tensions produced by balancing the ideals of individual liberty embodied in the Constitution against society’s need to enforce criminal laws as a means of achieving social control, order, and safety.
Retail Price: $104.95   Our Price: $79.95
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 Criminal Psychology and Forensic Technology: A Collaborative Approach to Effective Profiling
By Grover Maurice Godwin
ISBN: 9780849323584
The only book on the market that shows a team approach to criminal profiling, it is a reference perfect for students interested in learning criminal profiling techniques and professionals wishing to sharpen their skills.
Retail Price: $157.95   Our Price: $109.95
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 Death Scene Investigation:  A Field Guide
By Scott A. Wagner
ISBN: 9781420086768
This book provides concise direction for the death scene investigator, crime scene investigator, coroner, medical examiner, or anyone associated with the investigation of death.
Retail Price: $79.95   Our Price: $60.95
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 Fatal Violence: Case Studies and Analysis of Emerging Forms
By Ronald Holmes; Stephen Holmes
ISBN: 9781439826874
Offering a rare glimpse into the minds of predators and containing chilling details of motives and methods, this book explores gang violence, serial and mass murderers, filicide, rape, workplace violence, school shootings, and hate crimes. It also delves into the unusual and shocking practices of vampirism and cannibalism.
Retail Price: $87.95   Our Price: $68.95
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