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Correctional Facilities

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 American Corrections: Theory, Research, Policy, and Practice
By Matt DeLisi; Peter J. Conis
ISBN: 9780763754877
This book is a comprehensive resource containing both classic and cutting-edge contemporary data on correctional topics drawing from the fields of criminology, criminal justice, sociology, psychology, government, and public policy. It broadly covers the relevant parameters of corrections to provide students with a thorough understanding of the material to facilitate their education and interest in applied or academic careers in corrections.
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 Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation, 8th Edition
By Patricia Van Voorhis; Emily Salisbury
ISBN: 9781455730087
This text presents foundations of correctional intervention, including overviews of the major systems of therapeutic intervention, diagnosis of mental illness, and correctional assessment and classification. Its detailed descriptions and cross-approach comparisons can help professionals better determine which of several techniques might be especially useful in their particular setting.
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 Practical Criminal Investigations in Correctional Facilities
By William R. Bell
ISBN: 9780849311949
This book provides an in-depth resource guide to the relatively new field of corrections investigation. It provides a detailed list of how tos as well as numerous captivating case histories and photographs of actual crime scenes and evidentiary items.
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 The Effective Corrections Manager:  Correctional Supervision for the Future, Second Edition
By Richard L. Phillips; Charles R. McConnell
ISBN: 9780763733117
This book is essential to the stability and safety of correction facilities. Managing a correction facility hinges on effectively recruiting, training, directing, and motivating people - and this book teaches how to be successful in those endeavors.
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