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Corporate Investigations

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 Corporate Crime Investigation
By Jack Bologna; Paul Shaw
ISBN: 9780750696593
Corporate Crime Investigations is a reference tool for internal auditors, in-house counsel and corporate security professionals who handle crimes, torts, and breaches of contract. The crimes involved may include employee fraud, theft, embezzlement, forgery, commercial bribery and property destruction.
Retail Price: $95.95   Our Price: $64.95
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 Corporate Fraud Handbook: Prevention and Detection, 4th Edition
By Joseph Wells
ISBN: 9781118728574
Providing an insider's look into the most prevalent fraud schemes used by employees, owners, managers, and executives, this book provides you with a systematic approach to stop fraud in its tracks before it happens.
Retail Price: $80.00   Our Price: $64.95
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 Corporate Investigations, Second Edition
By Reginald J. Montgomery; William J. Majeski
ISBN: 9781933264028
The range of corporate investigations is extremely broad, from accounting financial fraud to executive protection, from shoplifting to international fraud. To be without this hallmark work for conducting corporate investigations is like trying to conduct a surveillance without a vehicle. No other work on the market covers the complete spectrum of corporate investigations like this one does and no other work offers you the expertise of so many authors.
Retail Price: $79.00   Our Price: $57.95
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 Fighting Fraud
By Dr. Gerald L. Kovacich
ISBN: 9780123708687
This practical reference provides the basics for instituting a corporate anti-fraud program that helps prepare corporate security professionals and other corporate managers for fighting corporate fraud from inside the company.
Retail Price: $58.95   Our Price: $47.95
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 Introduction to Corporate and White-Collar Crime
By Frank DiMarino; Cliff Roberson
ISBN: 9781439851586
This book provides readers with an understanding of what white-collar crime is, how it works, and the extent to which it exists in our society. It analyzes the opportunity structures for committing white-collar crime and explores how to control it.
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 The Corporate Security Professional's Handbook On Terrorism
By Edward Halibozek; Andy Jones; Gerald L. Kovacich
ISBN: 9780750682572
The book provides the reader with a practitioner's guide, augmented by a historical assessment of terrorism and its impact to corporations, enabling them to immediately put in place useful security processes and methods to protect their corporate interests against potential acts of terror.
Retail Price: $61.95   Our Price: $47.95
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 The Privacy Papers: Managing Technology, Consumer, Employee and
By Rebecca Herold
ISBN: 9780849301162
This book covers all aspects of technology and legislation that enable privacy and also those that place it at risk. This how-to guide presents sample policies for employee training, awareness, and acceptable use; covers why companies must protect data and how to do it; describes the technology that makes information more private; and lists and summarizes major federal and international privacy legislation.
Retail Price: $139.95   Our Price: $99.95
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 White-Collar and Corporate Crime
By Gilbert Geis
ISBN: 9780131192881
This book discusses white-collar and corporate crime
Retail Price: $15.40   Our Price: $12.95
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