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 Android Malware and Analysis
By Ken Dunham; Shane Hartman; Jose Andre Morales; Manu Quintans; Tim Strazzere
ISBN: 9781482252194
This book is about the best ways to analyze and tear apart Android malware threats.
Retail Price: $59.95   Our Price: $45.95
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 Data Mining Mobile Devices
By Jesus Mena
ISBN: 9781466555952
Some of thie topics discussed in this title explain data mining of mobile devices and analysis of WiFi and GPS data from websites and apps.
Retail Price: $71.95   Our Price: $52.95
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 Digital Forensics for Handheld Devices
By Eamon Doherty
ISBN: 9781439898772
This book examines the theoretical and practical aspects of investigating handheld digital devices, and provides guidance on how to seize data, examine it, and prepare it as evidence for court.
Retail Price: $73.95   Our Price: $62.95
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 INVESTIGATING INFORMATION-BASED CRIMES: A Guide for Investigators on Crimes Against Persons Related to the Theft or Manipulation of Information Assets
By Ronald Mendell
ISBN: 9780398088712
This book is about investigating information based crimes, such as identity theft, social engineering, theft of personal information storage areas or repositories, and the theft of physical information assets such as papers, manuscripts, or rare books.
Retail Price: $34.95   Our Price: $32.95
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 Is My Cell Phone Bugged?
By Kevin Murray
ISBN: 9781934572887
This book draws from experience and detailed research to show you how to take control of your information security by using spybusting technology to your own advantage.
Retail Price: $17.95   Our Price: $14.95
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