This second edition of Bates’ I.S.Q.D. updates and expands the previous volume and continues to reflect the scientific method of detecting whether a writing is genuine or forged. This book serves as a guide and reference for the investigator or examiner in matters relating to the identification of handwriting. In and of itself, it is not intended in any way to qualify an individual as an expert, but is to be used as a tool with which to assist in the discovery and proof of fact. These are the two essential parts of handwriting comparison. Divided into three sections, the book presents the twelve points of comparison and the method of making a scientific analysis, a guide for presentation of facts in court, and a sample demonstration of the discovery and proof of fact. Once these points of comparison have been determined, the examiner has a basis from which to offer an opinion. This book can be used as a primary text in questioned document examinations, and will be an excellent resource for law enforcement agencies, including private and industrial investigative groups