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Access Device Fraud and Related Financial Crimes

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Access Device Fraud and Related Financial Crimes

This book is a reference text that affords a true insight into a wide spectrum of criminal activity involving financial crimes.

By Jerry Iannacci,

Ron Morris,

ISBN: 9780849381300

Retail price: $99.95   $75.95


Access Device Fraud and Related Financial Crimes offers front-line exposure. It is a reference text that affords the student, financial investigator or law enforcement professional a true insight into a wide spectrum of criminal activity involving financial crimes. This book brings the reader back to the scene of cases in which the intensity and magnitude of the schemes presented a real challenge to the prowess of skilled investigators. It explores what makes financial crime the preferred crime and the means of successfully investigating them.
Thorough in their approach, yet easy to understand, the authors offer information on every facet of this complex criminal activity. With everything from the roles different law enforcement parties play in investigation, through recent technological advancements in encryption, to useful resources that are available for investigation, Access Device Fraud and Related Financial Crimes offers a one-stop resource for solving financial crime. 



The Authors: Jerry Iannacci and Ronald Morris
Technical Assistance: Chuck Baggeroer
Resources for Investigators
History of Access Devices
What is an Access Device
History of Access Devices
Significance of Access Devices in World Economy
Fraud as it Relates to Such Devices
Parties Who Investigate-Industry and Law Enforcement
False Identification
History of Use of False ID
How Obtained
How False ID is Utilized
Security Elements of ID Documents
Criminal Violations (State and Federal)
Sources of Investigative Assistance
External Schemes Involving Access Devices
Credit Cards
Bank Cards
Check Cards
Debit Cards
False Applications
Account Takeovers
Mail Theft (NRI)
Altered Cards
White Plastic
True Counterfeit
Mail Order/Telephone Order
Telemarketing Fraud
Card Holder Fraud
Internal Schemes
Moles (Employees and Contract Workers)
Merchant Collusion
Employee Collusion
Corrupt Federal And Sate Government Officials
Investigation of Financial Access Device Crimes
Police Officer
Investigative Officer
Parameters of Interviewing Suspects
Other Interviews (POS Merchants, Victims, Cardholders)
Technological Advancements
Smart Cards
Organized Crime Enterprises
West Africans
Investigative Resources Available From Industry
Training Aids
Printed Materials
800 Numbers and Other Resources
Banking and Retail Investigators
Associations (Visa and Master Card)
How a Forensics Examiner Can Provide Assistance
Types of Examinations
Expected Results
Investigator's Duties
Criminal Case Preparation
Witness Interviews
Evidence Gathering
Execution of Warrants
Serving of Subpoenas
Link Analysis
Case Presentation
Testimony (Lay and Expert)
Glossary of Terms

Publication Date:  September 29, 1999

Number of Pages:  176